Antique Cabinet Photograph Methodist Minister With Big Beard Charles City, IA

Antique Cabinet Photo Handsome Bearded Man Methodist Minister Charles City, IA. From an album of Rev. I believe of Iowa. The album was captioned “Methodist Ministers friends and their families all friends of the Peebles”. Please view all photos for …

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Deanna Durbin (1946) Stunning Portrait-Lovely Smile Original Vintage Photo K 81

“Deanna Durbin (1946) Stunning Portrait – Lovely Smile Original Vintage Photo”. Size: 8 x 10 Inches. Experience the timeless beauty and enchanting smile of Deanna Durbin with this stunning portrait in this original vintage photo from 1946. Deanna Durbin’s captivating …

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Norma Shearer (1940s)? Hollywood beauty Stunning Portrait Vintage Photo K 152

Hollywood Beauty – Stunning Portrait Vintage Photo. Size: 7 x 9 Inches. Step into the glamorous world of Hollywood’s golden era with this exquisite vintage photo featuring the enchanting beauty, Norma Shearer. This vintage portrait captures Norma Shearer’s allure and …

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